from "The Last Days of Blackbeard the Pirate" by Kevin Duffus

"Apparently, the Neuse River land was acquired by Capt Beard [father of the pirate] as an investment
for its expansive pine forest and bountiful source of pitch and tar....important indgredients of naval
stores.."  Date 1706.

"...when Black Beard departed from Bath Town Creek on his last cruise (Nov. 1718) is apparent he
must have sailed to the Neuse River , to Beards (aka Baird) Creek to see his sister Susannah"

"I was ready for my final journey in my quest for the authentic Black Beard....the grave of his true sister
Susie...Susannah Beard Franck......Susannah's husband, Martin Franck, had assumed ownership of
the James Beard land surrounding Beard /Baird Creek."

"standing among at least twelve graves situated on a high, narrow ridge line, about 16 feet above the
creek.  Not far away, the clear water of a spring flowed through the woods, suggesting the location
would have made an ideal homestead."

"In the cemetery, very old ballast stones scattered the ground....gravestones distinctive of the earliest
days of colonial North Carolina.....the only one bearing an inscription, presumably the most recent was
dated 1794.  Most of the others appeared much older"
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with author Kevin Duffus discussing
Blackbeard's NC origins and the
Baird Creek Point homestead of his
sister Susannah Frank.