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When you are on Rt 55 going east, you take
a right at the ABC Store to get onto Neuse
Road (RT 1005) (there is a small directional
sign that says "Aprapahoe 8 miles").
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gives you are accurate.
Options for your visit:

1.  The developers (Paul and Kelly) will be glad to show you around and include a waterfront boat tour (see below
to arrange to be picked up in New Bern.....or once you are at BCP we can hop into our boat.  If you would like
a referral to a broker let us know.  If you already have a broker have them give us a call on your behalf.

2.  If you prefer to look around yourself, here are some tips:

Park your car at the cul de sac (Baird Point Road) and take a walk to the waterfront on "the Point" at the tip of lot 2.  
Look right and you can see the entrance to the 4 mile wide Neuse.  There are two chairs...sit down and relax and
admire the view.

Next, walk to the ten slip marina that sits in a protected little cove.  

Take a walk over to Lots 4, 5, and 6.  While these are sold, the stroll will give you a good sense of the unique character
of the land.

On Lots 7 and 8 which are the developer's lots, take a look at the historic cemetery.  Try and find the oldest marked
stone marked 1794.  Notice the unmarked ballast stones....evidence of sailing ships that used Baird Creek over 200
years ago.

For interior lots, be sure and walk Lots 24 and 29.....Lot 29 represents a great bargain at $49,000.

If you are staying in New Bern or Oriental and would like to visit Baird Creek Point by water call Paul
(one of the developers) and he'd be glad to pick you up with our 28' Pursuit is the best way
to get a sense of these special waterways. (tel 607-725-0044).